Our Vision


Virtuous Circle Consulting works side by side with the entrepreneur and the arts enhancing the synergy between them so that each can provide the best version of it´s self and thus create the best possible customer experience.

Analyzing the objectives, strengths and weaknesses of each establishment, different areas within it, strategic locations, target audiences and resources along with a vast experience in the professional field of music, entertainment and hospitality we specialize in improving, renovating or designing from scratch sensory, emotional and intellectual experiences that meet the objectives previously studied and planned with the company.

We work on the design and execution of the plan by previous analysis and evaluation of all the influencing factors. We then bring it to the field in the preparation, training and «team building» at each point of the action.

We work in coaching the artists to adjust or improve their execution to the needs of the action as well as with management, communication and staff at the establishment so that together they can exploit each action to the fullest.

Virtuous Circle Consulting works with professionals in all fields in the customer experience services:

Hospitality, Luxury Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs, Beach Clubs, Wellness Areas, Wellness Centers, Resorts and Hotels.

– Wellness Areas, Quality of Life Centers, Retreats. Design of sleep and relaxation plans assisted by state-of-the-art technology.

– Sensorial Design of spaces. Vibe Design. Emotional Design.

– Acoustic Layout Design.

– Purely artistic areas such as coaching and preparation of artists, bands, tours.

Virtuous Circle Consulting is at the forefront of research and development in Neuroscience and Health applied to music.  We work with cutting edge technologies and professionals in the industry.

The best way to summarize the mission of Virtuous Circle Consulting is summed up in the words of its founder and principal consultant, Matias Kamelman:

«I specialize in bringing together the magic of music and art creation and production with the corporative business necessities applied to a constant evolving environment.

I bring along with me over 20 years of experience in the professional world playing key roles both on the artistic and entrepreneurial sides of the equation. I stand out by having a constant “out of the box” way of thinking and thrive as a pro-active passionate leader who nurtures the best out of every crewmember. I am passionate about teaching and excel at sharing knowledge and transfer skills.”